About Ivy Hill Cemetery

Ivy Hill Cemetery is a private, non-denominational cemetery founded in 1856. It is a 501 (c) (13) incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ivy Hill provides a peaceful environment for the comfort of its grieving families, and a place of honor and respect for its deceased, amid a beautiful, natural landscape. The cemetery is guided by a volunteer board of directors with strong ties to Alexandria that lends its time, knowledge, and skills to the continuing success and growth of Ivy Hill Cemetery. Contact the cemetery at cemetery@ivyhillcemetery.net

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Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society

The Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society was formed in 2006 as a 501 (c) (3) to preserve, protect and promote Ivy Hill Cemetery’s monuments, history, flora and fauna. The Preservation Society raises awareness and funds through tours, events, lectures and volunteer opportunities in order to fulfill its mission. All donations are tax deductible. Contact the Society at info@IHCHPS.org

Board Members

Dana Lawhorne — Board Chairman
Gant Redmon — Secretary
Ann Webb — Treasurer
Arthur Bryant — Director
Lucy Goddin — Director
David Speck — Director

Staff Members

Lucy Goddin — General Manager
Jaime Rodriguez — Grounds Foreman
Candace Bickmore — Office Manager
Mike Rodriguez — Grounds Crew

Part Time
Catherine Weinraub — Historian/Research Assistant