Visitor Info

Ivy Hill Cemetery welcomes visitors during daylight hours. We encourage the gentle use of our cemetery for light recreation, education, and enjoyment of our natural treasures. We would like to remind visitors that this is still a working cemetery and we require respect to those who are here for burial or mourning purposes.


To schedule a tour contact us at or call 703.549.7413

Cemetery Maps

Please note this is a large file, if you are using a mobile device, please download our app, IVY HILL CEMETERY, for GPS guided directions within the cemetery.

The Cemetery has added an app for your mobile device, just look up Ivy Hill Cemetery in the app store of your mobile device. The app will allow you to look up your loved ones and guide you to their gravesite, allowing you to upload memories and photos for your loved one’s own cemetery hosted web page.

Rules for Visitors

  • Visiting hours: sunrise to sunset daily
  • Drive slowly!
  • Get approval from General Manager before planting anything.
  • Do not remove anything from another person’s gravesite.
  • All pets must be on leash at all times, stay on roads and paths and keep off burial sites.
  • The Cemetery has installed complementary Doggie Stations throughout the cemetery. Please dispose of your dog’s waste using the provided bags and receptacle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and please be respectful of mourners and burial services taking place.
  • Be respectful of our wildlife.
  • Do not play or lean against headstones.