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(All prices mentioned are subject to change without prior notice or website update.
Please contact the cemetery office for current pricing.)

Interment or Inurnment Services

The most important service Ivy Hill Cemetery provides is to bury or “commit” the remains of the departed, whether through standard casket interments in the ground or the inurnment of cremated remains either in the ground or in special niches or other spaces designed for cremated remains.

Cost for Casket Burials — The standard charge for commitment or casket burial service is currently $2,000. This charge includes a full graveside set-up, which includes a canopy over the grave, 6 to 12 chairs and artificial grass around the grave area and a lowering device. It also includes follow-up releveling and grass planting of the site, and information about the burial and memories of the deceased in our public website and recordation in our internal cemetery records. The cost may be more if the service is held outside of normal hours and less if the full graveside set-up is not desired.

Cost for Cremation Inurnments — For cremated remains the standard charge currently varies from $1,300 for cremation garden services to $1,500 for burial in regular ground burial sites. The charge also varies depends on the level of service provided by the cemetery, ranging from having the cremated remains interred at the cemetery’s convenience to a full set up and scheduled time at the family’s convenience, including possible overtime charges for services held outside of normal hours.

Normal Hours — All committal services are to begin between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday services may be scheduled for an additional charge. Sunday services will be held only in truly exceptional circumstances by permission of the General Manager; and additional overtime charges will apply.

Other Charges — The above pricing does not include charges for the moving and resetting of any of the family’s memorials that may need to be moved to access the gravesite, or an outer burial container for a casket, which is required by the cemetery, but purchased through the funeral home. Cremated remains may be interred in an urn of your choice, provided it fits in the ground space, niche or urn container provided by the Cemetery. Cremated remains may also be placed directly in a ground burial site.

Gravesite Interment or Inurnment Rights

Ivy Hill Cemetery offers a range of interment and inurnment options for the final resting spot for your loved one. These options include ground burial sites suitable for both caskets and cremated remains. Some of these sites are the full sized ground sites that can be used for either a casket or cremated remains. Other ground sites are smaller sites that are restricted to cremated remains and are usually located near trees or in sites that are smaller than normal. Most ground inurnment sites will allow for multiple cremated remains to be inurned in the same site.

In our 4 beautiful, new, cremation gardens, we have 8 different memorialization options at a variety of prices. A cremation garden is a carefully designed and landscaped garden that has all of the memorialization and inurnment options already in place. These sites accommodate for 1 to 4 remains, depending on the type of site.

Cost for Ground Burial Sites — The fee for interment or inurnment rights depend on the type of memorial allowed and the particular location of the gravesite chosen. These fees are not set in the Rules and Regulations, but rather in a separate pricing sheet that may be changed from time-to-time. Once purchased however, these rights are permanent and inheritable and do not increase in price. These rights may be purchased both at the time of need or “pre-need”.

The standard gravesites for traditional casket burial currently range in price from $5,000 to $10,000 per gravesite. The price is determined the type of memorial allowed, location and size of the grave. As mentioned above, these sites also will allow for the burial of cremated remains. The gravesites limited to the ground burial of cremated remains range may be less than $5,000 depending on the location and size of the site.

This fee includes the right for one person to be interred. Additional, secondary interment rights may need to be purchased for additional remains to be interred in the same site. This fee currently is $1,600, and it may be purchased at the time of the initial sale or later. Please see the information about Secondary Interment Rights in the FAQ section of the website.

The cost of a stone or bronze memorial is assessed and paid separately by the family (see below).

Cost for Cremation Garden Sites — The fees for cremation garden sites range from $2,600 to $6,800 except for memorial benches having space for 4 cremains. These benches cost $9,000 or $10,000 per bench.

The fees for most Cremation Garden sites come with 2 inurnment rights included as part of the fee. The exceptions are for a memorial paver and space in our ossuary (see below), which has only 1 inurnment right and a memorial bench, which has 4 inurnment rights included in the fee.

One of our Cremation Gardens has a new columbarium. This columbarium features 48 double niches and includes a niche plate in the pricing. The niches in the new columbaria will range in price from $5,250 to $6,000 per niche. This price does not include a standard urn.

Most importantly, a purchaser of any Cremation Garden site does not have to purchase a memorial separately. The right to have an inscription put on the cremation garden memorial associated with the site is included in the base fee. The actual cost of the inscription(s) is assessed and paid later when the name of the deceased is known. The price of a one standard cylindrical urn is also included in the base price of the Cremation Garden sites used for ground inurnment. The columbaria and benches are considered above ground inurnments. Ivy Hill Cemetery assumes no responsibility that a person’s cremated remains will fit into the provided standard urn, a larger cylindrical urn is available at an additional cost. Ivy Hill Cemetery assumes no responsibility for oversized urns that will not fit in the urn container space or niche space provided in the cremation gardens or that will not allow sufficient space for a second urn.

Ivy Hill Cemetery also has added an ossuary within one of the new Cremation Gardens. An ossuary is a chest that holds the remains of the dead in single communal vault. The ossuary in Ivy Hill Cemetery is an underground sealed vault next to cenotaph panels that contain space for the names of the deceased.

The Ossuary will be an appropriate for families that wish to have a dignified space to place the cremated remains and memorialize their loved ones at an affordable cost. The cost for the space in the ossuary and recordation in the cemetery’s public website and records for a single set of remains is $400, and the cost for both space in the ossuary and inclusion of the name and date of birth and death of the deceased on the cenotaph panel is $1,245.

Please contact the office with any questions you may have about our new Cremation Gardens and the fees charged.

Cost for Circle of Honor Columbaria Niches — Ivy Hill Cemetery offers niche spaces in our Columbaria in the front of the Cemetery in the Circle of Honor. Only a few niches remain in these columbaria. These remaining niches are priced from $2,350 to $2,850 and include 1 inurnment right. The niches may accommodate a second inurnment; however, a secondary inurnment right must be purchased for $1,600. The cost of a memorial niche plate is not included in the price.

Ivy Hill Cemetery assumes no responsibility for oversized urns that will not allow for a second urn to be placed in a niche.


Ivy Hill Cemetery offers a full range of memorial products and services for ground burial sites. The Cemetery offers to provide any stone, marker, monument, bronze memorial or other memorial. The Cemetery also offers the service of providing the addition of an inscription to an existing stone by a professional inscriber who comes on the grounds to do this work. These prices are variable by the type, size, color and inscriptions ordered.

You may purchase your memorial elsewhere, but we believe our prices are competitive and the process is easy and efficient for the family and the Cemetery guarantees a successful installation. Purchasing memorial products and their installation by Ivy Hill staff ensures compliance with our Rules and Regulations which outline the permissible type and size of the memorials as determined by the graves location.)

Also, when memorial products and services are purchased here at the Cemetery, any profit made from that sale stays here in the Cemetery to help with the upkeep of your property and to help keep the costs of other services down.

Ivy Hill Cemetery sells memorials only for use in Ivy Hill Cemetery. Ivy Hill Cemetery will only install memorials sold by the cemetery, and those provided by the Veteran’s Administration to honor America’s veterans.

A small fee of $1.30 per square inch (minimum of $175) is charged for preparing the concrete foundation to be used for 3rd party installation of a memorial purchased elsewhere.

Please contact the office with any questions you may have about our Memorialization options and possible cost.


Ivy Hill Cemetery, by law, is not permitted to inter the remains of pets. (We, however, do allow dogs on leash within the Cemetery grounds. Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.)