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01/01/2019- -    Outstanding Women Tour

01/01/2019- -    Tales from the Vault

01/01/2019- -    Cemetery Art & Site Tour

01/01/2019- -    Flag placing for vets

01/01/2019- -    Women literacy( Vampires & Werewolves)

01/01/2019- -    Cemetery Office Holiday Schedule

Emergency Updates

No emergency updates at this time.

Recent Burials

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The Cemetery has added an app for your mobile device, just look up Ivy Hill Cemetery in the app store of your mobile device. The app will allow you to look up your loved ones and guide you to their gravesite, allowing you to upload memories and photos for your loved one’s own cemetery hosted web page.

Our Mission

The Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society is always looking for ideas for interesting and educational events to support our mission statement. Please feel free to contact us with possibilities!

To preserve, protect and promote Ivy Hill Cemetery’s monuments, history and flora/fauna.


Please check the IHCHPS Facebook page and our calendar page.

Our events are for the promotion of Ivy Hill Cemetery and to help raise funds to ensure Ivy Hill’s existence into the far future. If you have questions about the events, please feel free to contact us.

To schedule a tour contact us at info@IHCHPS.org or call 703-549-7413 ext. 112.

Published Articles and Newsletters

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Take part in historical research. Pick a section or just one grave. Write an article for the newsletter.
  • Organize seminars given by area historians, geologists, genealogists and horticulturalists.
  • Take part in our “Adopt a Grave” program. You can “breathe new life” back into a gravesite whose family has long since died and can no longer care for it.
  • Take part in a Living History Event.
  • Help to organize various tours (i.e., tours of monuments, sculptures, statuary art and symbolism, confederate history, epitaph tours, etc.)

Other Ways to Become Involved

  • Work on horticultural projects such as labeling types of trees and shrubs, with a monthly focus on what’s in bloom.
  • Take part in bird watching tours. Help identify the various types of birds that live in the cemetery trees.
  • Utilize the cemetery as a place of exercise. Create a walking group and go!
  • Organize watercolor, drawing, and painting classes on the cemetery grounds.
  • Photograph the monuments, landscape, and wildlife in different times of day/light. Organize a photography seminar.
  • Help to plan summer picnics/family days in the cemetery, just like folks did in the old days!
  • Member of a club? Have your next meeting in our historic Receiving Vault!