Ivy Hill Cemetery

About Us

Ivy Hill Cemetery Company of Alexandria

Ivy Hill Cemetery is a private non-denominational cemetery founded in 1856. It is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has 501 (c) (13) status under the Internal Revenue Code. Although 160 years old and a significant historical site, it is still an active cemetery that sells burial sites and conducts burial commitment services. Ivy Hill Cemetery’s 22+ acres provide a comforting burial ground, a natural sanctuary for wild life, and a beautiful green space for all to enjoy. Also, its website is a valuable resource for families and genealogists alike.

The cemetery is guided by a volunteer board of directors that lends their time knowledge and skills to the continuing success and growth of Ivy Hill Cemetery.

The Board members are:

  • Dana Lawhorne — Board Chairman
  • Gant Redmon — Secretary
  • Ann Webb — Treasurer
  • Arthur Bryant — Director
  • Lucy Goddin — Director

The Ivy Hill Cemetery Staff includes:

  • Lucy Goddin — General Manager
  • Jaime Rodriguez — Grounds Foreman
  • Candace Bickmore — Office Manager
  • Mike Rodriguez — Grounds Crew

Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society

The Preservation Society was created in 2006 to support Ivy Hill Cemetery by raising awareness and funds to preserve, protect and promote Ivy Hill Cemetery’s monuments, history and flora/fauna. It is governed by a Board composed of the same members as those of the Cemetery, led by Ms. Lucy Goddin. The Preservation Society has 501 (c) (3) status under the Internal Revenue Code and is able to accept tax deductible contributions.

In the past 10 years we have seen a steady growth in awareness of Ivy Hill in the Alexandria community and beyond. Ivy Hill Cemetery is now officially one of our city’s historic destinations and our volunteer group is growing. We hope you can join the Society in its endeavors, or just come to Ivy Hill Cemetery for a visit!